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Graduation Requirements

Portola-Butler Continuation High School, University of California
& California State University Requirements

Social Science
10 units World History
10 units US History
5 units Civics
5 units Economics

40 units 4 years College Prep English 1, 2, 3 & 4 or AP

Mathematics 20 units
2 years for a diploma
3 years of Mathematics (Math 1,2, and 3) for A-G

10 units of Physical Science
10 units Life Science 2 yrs.
A-G: Biology, Chemistry &/or Physics

Foreign Language/ fine art requirement
1 year of language OR fine art for a diploma
1 year of fine art AND
2 yrs. (3yrs. Recommended) of foreign language for A-G

90 credits
1 yrs. College Prep electives (U/CSU approved list)

Physical Education
20 credits: diploma requirement ONLY

Computer Application
10 credits: diploma requirement ONLY

Admission Test Required for 4-year university: SAT I or ACT and SAT II (for UC)

Graduation Requirements:
• 240 units including all subject requirements
• 20 hours of community service between Junior and Senior year